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Taking care of oneself
10/9/08 7:17:43 AM

Squidy has a heart?

(Bah, you were supposed to get that shit sorted out a year or 2 back dude. :( )

A challenge to a perceived consensus is a challenge to all the powers in human society, as it can take a person’s understanding of the world we live in, and flip it upside down.

10/9/08 7:41:14 AM

Quote by Midnighter
Bastard just wanted an excuse to perve on nurses. :P

little did he know that you dont ever need and excuse to perv on hot nurses. :P

Body like a popstar, face like a rockstar. -Me

"But the speed difference is something only the most anal-retentive performance freaks would notice... " donutking

10/9/08 7:44:12 AM

Squideeeeeeeeeeeee! Be good to yourself, my sweet :-)

The morning glows cobalt through a gauze of steam and fog that carries Death & Ash from a thousand trees. Crows from miles around are lurking. This won’t hurt a bit. This is the martyrdom of the chaos whore virgin. This is her final dawn.

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