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Good hiding spots for festivals/concerts
9/9/08 10:26:52 PM

Pay some guy $50 to carry it in for you.

That was the best Big Day Out ever.


I am both disgusted and impressed with myself.

9/9/08 10:57:08 PM

Quote by The_Psychonaut
Sniffer dogs won't pick up alcohol, and if you're thinking of bringing anything else in I'd honestly recommend you don't. It's not worth wrecking your festival experience just to get high. However, if you must - wrap whatever it is up in glad wrap, then wash your hands. Wrap it in another layer, then wash your hands. Wrap it up in a third layer, and include some fresh coffee beans. This isn't going to do much if a sniffer dog gets close to you, but there's a small chance it'll help if they're distracted with something else.

Edited by The_Psychonaut: 9/9/2008 10:23:36 PM

This thing's 4 days long, it would be a little different if it was just a 1 day gig.

edit: Just had a brainwave. Put in a tied balloon, then submerge that in a liquid, ie, coco cola or whatever.
Erradicating the smell :)

Edited by Necessity: 9/9/2008 10:59:59 PM


Dany Williams 
10/9/08 12:16:12 AM

if you drink rum, scotch etc with coke here's what you do,

1. get a dark balloon, wash throughly to remove powder etc

2. get 2L bottle of coke, open bottle

3. drink a glass of coke and insert the balloon into the bottle holding onto the neck of the balloon

4. take rum, scotch etc and pour into the balloon until you get to the right level in the bottle

5. tie of the balloon and replace bottle cap and place into fridge.

at the gig walk in drinking the coke looks less suspicious, once to you chosen place use something to pop balloon and enjoy.

AMD64 4000+ SanDiego
1Gig Ram
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10/9/08 12:23:46 AM

For alcohol, door panels come off really easily :D


Twinnie and Tap.

I will miss my sweet princes :(

Chuck Norris(good actor 
10/9/08 5:09:05 AM

interesting lineup.

by interesting there are two acts that pique my curiosity.

Carols by Roman Candlelight.

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