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How to get big discounts from Woolies - don't shop there much
9/9/08 3:39:04 PM

If you could be bothered sue them, do it heh, if you can prove that she spent your money you could claim it was false advertising, you just went shopping by proxy and didn't get the voucher.

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Truth suffers from too much analysis

9/9/08 3:56:11 PM

What's 'half way across town' entail, D? 5 minutes? 10? 30?

...it doesnt matter, cos I'm packing plastic
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9/9/08 7:48:47 PM

the only reason i buy stuff from woolies is because the coles that are near me are absolutely feral. and self serve checkouts means no irritating checkout slag/drone either. as far as supermarket meat goes though, the supabarn near my work has better steaks than the butcher oposite it, and half the price too.

if i can, ill by my fruit/veg from the market near work.

and i buy all my booze from the iga in the bus interchange as its hands down the cheapest in canberra. 8 bucks for a six pack of extra dry? yes please. 10 bucks for heinekin/crownies/other generic premium lagers? yes please


9/9/08 7:57:05 PM

unfortunately the local non chain supermarket here has prices similar to that of a service station... the big supermarket, which is the next town is bilo, but coles just haven't put their sign up on it yet (even though theyve owned it for years now).

Woolies wants to put a shopping centre in another nearby town (mullumbimby), but the local population is protesting pretty hard against it.

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Quote by gummybear
hrm yes, where to find a girl.......

10/9/08 1:08:06 AM

Quote by Virtuoso
I think many people are just waking up to how Woolies does business, and the bigger implications of their business practices on society in general.

I found the 4 Corners show last week a big eye-opener. I haven't bought anything there since then.

Edited by Virtuoso: 9/9/2008 1:56:09 PM

I can't believe that you're just finding out.
Coles aren't any better.


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