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View poll results: How do you feel about city/club violence?
I don't go into town/clubs anymore as I'm worried about violence. 11 16.67%
It bothers me, but I go and keep to myself more these days 10 15.15%
I don't worry about street thugs in the CBD and clubs. 45 68.18%
Voters: 66
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Are you reluctant to go into the CBD and/or nightclubs due to violence?
9/9/08 4:04:04 PM

no not concerned.

You tend to notice the tards and so you avoid them.


9/9/08 4:52:17 PM

I've been attacked a few times in the Adelaide CBD. One time was hospitalised for the night (king hit from behind).

I've been out in Melbourne quite a lot and have never had so much as words with someone. Everyone is always friendly.

Oh, to answer the OP, I can't say I've ever avoided a night out due to risk of being attacked. Now days I don't go out much anyway...usually just to pubs and cocktail bars.

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9/9/08 5:14:05 PM

Not worried. Rarely been bothered by anyone, and never lost when I have. It's my night, and I'll enjoy it my way. Some fuckhead does not get to put me off what I want to do.

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9/9/08 9:44:47 PM

I don't bother going to the nightclub here... too many fuckwits in there under the influence of drugs and whatever else.

I'm not scared of going in there, but I cbf'd putting up with all the crap. Its the one and only night club we have.. so....... meh.

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9/9/08 10:08:22 PM

I've never knocked back a night on the town.

I don't let fucktards spoil my evening.


9/9/08 10:14:52 PM

Yep, I'm afraid of the violence. I'm afraid I'd kick my own arse for being stupid enough to attend a nightclub at my age!

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Chuck Norris(good actor 
10/9/08 5:32:30 AM

I don't worry anymore....

I suddenly got dangerously bored of everything.. I haven't been out in weeks anyway... only to train really.

Otherwise it depends, you have to know where to go... I know Tryhard clubs and me don't mix... And the pubs I like to goto are alot more friendlier than most clubs...

I don't give a shit though... I figure if they can catch me they can kill me... meh.

Edited by Chuck Norris(good actor: 10/9/2008 05:33:06 AM

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