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View poll results: How do you feel about city/club violence?
I don't go into town/clubs anymore as I'm worried about violence. 11 16.67%
It bothers me, but I go and keep to myself more these days 10 15.15%
I don't worry about street thugs in the CBD and clubs. 45 68.18%
Voters: 66
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Are you reluctant to go into the CBD and/or nightclubs due to violence?
9/9/08 1:15:57 AM

Scared even?

I personally avoid nightclubs and certain parts of the CBD due to drunken stupidity. Ever week I'm hearing about someone being stabbed, shot, on life support etc, after a violent encounter with strangers at a club.

Even when I walk in the city, sometimes I've had people become wordy with as much as a glance. "What the fuck you looking at cunt?" is something I've heard too many times on a Saturday night.

I'm the type of happy guy that I like looking at people and smiling. Having to keep my head low pisses me off.

Who has similar feelings?



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9/9/08 2:14:40 AM

I avoid nightclubs due to drunks and the fact they shit me off, would they frighten me? no! but I don't need the drama.

Oh and I don't drink so no reason for me to go to night clubs, but I will walk any street without really being bothered.

I'm not saying that others shouldn't be more careful than me though.


9/9/08 2:21:38 AM

I don't get hassled much, I'll pretty much go anywhere. Nightclubs aren't my thing though, so it doesn't really matter.

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9/9/08 2:30:08 AM

Not really.
Never had someone try to start a fight with me, never been approached by anyone except to have them ask for change.

I feel safish, although definitely wouldn't be game to wander into dark back alleys =P


9/9/08 3:12:59 AM

Up here in the northern boonies what we have that passes for a CBD is not very scary {:)


9/9/08 4:33:38 AM

i almost went to QBH in Southbank (Melbourne) last Saturday / Sunday morning. Glad i didn't go, a guy was bashed that morning :(

Melbourne CBD is getting scarier, especially King street area. There's always a fight on saturday night. it does bother me.

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9/9/08 6:49:37 AM

No, it's just that I've got better things to do with my life. Like post on Atomic.

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9/9/08 7:20:20 AM

Not now the Hummers are out there, they will save me.


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9/9/08 7:31:02 AM

Well, you don't go to Hungry Jacks on George St opposite the cinemas (Sydney) - but you kind of know that because of the blood stains on the ground.

You kind of learn where it's stupid to go. Unpopulated parts of the CBD included - and most of the CBD is dead at night so it's pretty much all of it - clubs etc are just outside the CBD and not in it. And getting to and from the nightclub areas is safe enough on public transport.

Don't really see the problem actually.

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9/9/08 7:56:59 AM

i dont go into the CBD because its $7 for a beer.

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9/9/08 9:08:21 AM

I don't go out much anymore, but when I do, I tend to make friends with everyone around me, and those that try to start, are generally starting on peopleother than me.

I am kind of big, not huge, but not tiny, people tend to avoid me because I look pissed off, even when happy.

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9/9/08 9:09:50 AM

Nah - I just avoid the drunk people

Keep my eyes peeled and go and find me some pill-heads to hang with for the night usually

(\ (\
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9/9/08 9:10:00 AM

I'm HARDCORE!!!!!! |m|

So no.


9/9/08 9:13:21 AM

I won't go out into the City. The 4 times I have been out in the city out of the 3 years I have lived here, I have had people trying to pick fights with me. People think because of my size, I am a fighter. Exact opposite.

I can be waiting in line for a taxi and I get surrounded by people hurling abuse. Also happens alot when I am walking through a crowd at the night club and someone drops the shoulder in.

Just last weekend, my brother was waiting in line at a fast food stand and he got punched in the side of the face. He was just standing there waiting for food. He is also on the bigger side.

I now stick to going out to dinner with my gf having a few quiet drinks than retreating home before 9 pm. If I want to have a few beers after that I will grab a 6 pack on the way home or head over to a mates place.

Going out isn't really for me anyway.

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9/9/08 9:48:43 AM

its because the violent types are the only ones out at that type of the day if more peopel were willing to go out later becasue there were more places open then thee whole safety in numbers would apply and th4ere would be a smaller propertion of trouble makers to upset the balance.

that being said the law of common sence should apply, i'm not afraid of going out at night but i knwo where i should and shouldn't go.

violence can happen anywhere and everywhere, its just that the violence in the city happens to get reported more often than not.
i've had my car broken into in the city of churches and been assulted in williamstown and witnessed numerous brawls at work.

for the most part i'd blame security, especially at my work if security wer4e more vigilant and actually did their job then there would be alot less issues at my work.

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9/9/08 10:21:59 AM

I sometimes avoid the clubs/CBD's, I was down there a few months ago and i had a shaved head and i was involved in 3 fights that night but when i have normal hair i can go to town and not be involved in any fights. So to me it's all about how i look, if i have shaved head i don't go because i look like one of those moron nazi wannabes, and the worst part is that it won't be long until i can't go at all because i'm going bald, i wish i looked like a happy bald guy and not a nasty bald guy.

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9/9/08 10:25:12 AM

City: no

clubs: no (ekkies make people hyper, not fucktards like alcohol)

pubs: fuck yes. I dont trust anyone on alcohol.

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9/9/08 10:27:16 AM

[start sarcasm]
How can you be scared with increasing police presence and the use of Hummers for increased visibility?!

[end sarcasm]

I know it does happen in the city but it would not stop me going unless it got quite a bit worse - but you have to be careful about what clubs you choose to go to in town.

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9/9/08 10:32:36 AM

Yeah, I've stopped going out because I tend to get people starting fights with me. I'm a pretty small guy so9 wouldn't be able to defend myself properly (hey, least I can admit it) and I find that due to what I wear and my size I get a lot of people trying to start fights with me trying to look tough in front of their other friends. So it's just not worth the hassle anymore. I only ever go to goth clubs now because I know people there won't start shit with me.


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9/9/08 10:32:55 AM

I wander anywhere I feel like at all times of the day or night by myself through the 'worst' sections of the city or suburbs and have never been confronted or even challenged. Of course this is Brisbane and we don't have the same level of tension that Sydney or Melbourne have and I wouldn't consider myself particullary physically intimidating. I acknowledge I may indeed be running a risk but to quote Homer Simpson 'What if I took a shower and I slipped on a bar of soap? Oh my God I'd be killed!'

That said I'm not going to go over to bunch of angry looking fellows with knives and start trying to act tough. But I'm going to go where I want to go and not let fear stop me from doing so.

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