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UT2003 Patch is on its way...
19/11/02 10:15:48 PM

Patches are good...

patches fix things....

a UT2003 patch is around the corner....addressing the following...


* friendly fire kills affect team scores
* allow weapon throwing with weapon stay on (but can't pick up thrown weapon if already have that weapon), plus added configurable gameinfo property bAllowWeaponThrowing (default true)
* don't spam "you are ready/not ready" messages to console before game starts
* fixed FFA DM overtime end conditions
* Ability to have custom announcer voices. Make a new announcer voice pack (with the same sound names as the original AnnounceMain.uax), named NewPackName.uax (where NewPackName = whatever you want to call it), and put it in the ut2003\sounds directory. Then, in the User.ini file (in the UT2003\system directory) change: [UnrealGame.UnrealPlayer] CustomizedAnnouncerPack="NewPackName"
* fixed strafe toggle
* support longer playernames on scoreboard/HUD
* show FPH in scoreboard
* fixed flags sitting on ground in CTF-Citadel
* made team section of HUD scaleable
* more minigun ammo
* really fixed 4 rocket bug
* Fixed DM-TokaraForest flags showing up
*fixed CTF-LostFaith KillZ
* spectating maintains view - when a player dies it continues to view the player when they respawn.
* improved texture precaching, removing a few early hitches
* moved arena mutator config and maplists from user.ini to ut2003.ini
* update .ini files without overwriting them! (except for settings added or changed since we shipped)
* fixed bug when had more than 16 bots total on custom teams
* improved translocation (less failures)
* link alt no blood
* don't lose adrenaline if switch teams to team with less players


* added in-game personal stats (bound to F3)
* added Server Info which includes MOTD and Rules (bound to F2)
* Added In-Game Chat Client (Similar to IRC)
* Mouse acceleration threshold now in the menus
* FOV settings 80 to 100 in menu
* Press f10 to cancel added to connect message
* "Blob shadows" option added to menus
* Change "corrupted connection detected" to "incompatible game files" or something similar
* Add name of weapon you are switching to to hud
* Fixed DisplayProgressMessages to only show MOTD once
* Added color codes to text messages
* Fixed MOTD to be able to handle more than 4 lines
* Add up/down key history to IRC input
* Allow double-clicking 'unreal://' and 'http://' URLs in IRC chat.
* Add colour to IRC (nicknames, join/leave messages, links etc.).
* Ctrl-C in server browser copies selected server URL
* Extra game-type tabs created automatically for installed game types (from .int file).
* Add extra fields to server browser filter - 'dont want this mutator', translocator, weaponstay, no bots.


* fixed bot aiming link shaft at crouched opponent
* BR AI improvements
* CTF AI improvements
* improved skyline bot AI
* improved bot use of ion cannon


* make sure ClientNetSpeed can't get set to 0
improved client ping measurement
* fixed client location synchronization problem that could happen when you fell out of a crouching height only area
* fixed bug where lost ability to fire
* fixed weapon idle animations on net clients
* fixed GetLocalPlayerController() on net clients
* fixed BR-Skyline airship in netplay
* improved smoothness for high ping clients
* fixed minplayers+stats coexistence
* admins can pause net games
* fixed combo effects showing up in net games
*really* fixed redeemer firing bug
* Fixed bug that caused garbage collection not to occur between level changes
* Gamestats class is now configurable via ini
* Security actor is now configurable via ini
* Add ClientReplaceMenu in Playercontroller
* Added Admin command NextMap
* Applied fix for bug where some string checking in Web admin failed
* Fix bug in Web admin that causes "WebAdmin:" to appear twice
* Added security level checks to web admin's ServerChangeMap
* Applied fix for linux Web Admin regard hard-coded IP addresses
* Applied fix for Admin kicking via XAdmin
Closed security hole where admins could look/set security info

Mod support:

* added ModifyVelocity() event to Pawn, to allow mods to modify physics behavior - its called by the physics code after the velocity is updated, but before it affects the Pawn's location.
added mutate() replicated function for use by mutators
* fixed teamgame ReduceDamage() allows mutators top override even if instigator==None
added skeleton option to .upl player descriptions (for user created models with different skeletons)
* Add -MainMenu= command line param
* Fixed several internal hardcoded menu links
* Fixed GUIController to always use the ini set MainMenuClass
* Propagate LevelChange() through the interaction and gui system
* Add MutatorFillPlayInfo to allow mutators to add web admin settings


* Memory leak fixes: Explicitly destroy KarmaParams in Actor: FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" estroy, and - 'new' KarmaParamsSkel instead of using BeginObject
* Fix for crash with per-tri karma collision with static meshes with no collision data


* fixed z-pixel fog and favored it over vertex fog
* worked around vertex fog driver bug on ATI cards
* added workarounds for S3 cards like the Savage 4


* fixed occlusion if EAX 3.0 is enabled

Message Edited By: PhR33X, 19/11/02 10:18:26 PM

There is an exception to every rule...except this one.

20/11/02 9:49:40 AM

It's good to see that they're working on some improvements to the CTF and Bombing Run AI, especially for BR-Skyline. I think the last time I played BR-Skyline none of my bots managed to even reach the other side.

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20/11/02 1:14:56 PM

They must be working pretty damn hard over in their little offices!

I've also noticed the stupidity of the bots in Skyline... quite annoying.



21/11/02 10:59:54 AM

Thats quite a list...

Should make for some better gaming too...

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21/11/02 2:02:56 PM

'Fixed bug that caused garbage collection not to occur...'

yeah, that can be nasty if it's left for a week or two, pooey! ;-P

seriously that's a nice list of fixes, i've encountered a few of the nasties that are being fixed, bravo!

is their a timeframe for it's release?

Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? Please continue...

21/11/02 2:39:40 PM

I noticed patch '2136' over on GameArena, is this the one?

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21/11/02 2:44:54 PM

"Patches are good...

patches fix things...."

and just think how many new problems it will introduce...

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