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How many games you packing in your private collection ???
Lock n Load
5/11/02 6:17:23 PM

so how many games are you guys packing in your collection....

dont ask me....dam i still gta count....i have no idea....so what the count like for you lot out there???

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5/11/02 8:59:38 PM

About 30 gigs worth at the mo...ask me again after santa has been around again...hehehehe

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5/11/02 10:37:37 PM

30 gigs, not bad at all, im only packin 16 at the moment....

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5/11/02 10:45:11 PM

No Idea, it's be in the 100-200 number

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5/11/02 11:41:19 PM

Did you wanna know how many games we actually have or how much room they are takin up on our hard drives?

Well I only have 11 gig installed at the moment. And thats only 15 games... But i actually own many many games. And i can't be bothered couting em now.

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6/11/02 7:52:35 AM

Games I'd have 100+ easy, but as far as hd space, I think it's about 20Gb ATM, but that doesn't mean much, as most of them aren't currently installed.

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6/11/02 11:24:12 AM

?? dunno. dont play neyhing but SoF2 MP.
but i wanna get some good games to play ne suggesons (i know thats not how ya spell it..o well)

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Lock n Load
6/11/02 5:53:11 PM

silence11_au i was talking about how many games you got collected...non and installed both.....

J-Fungus...try out battlefield 1942, ut 2003...good for mp if you got cable....

1800+, 512 DDR 2700, GF2 MX400 (Changing to Gigabyte R9700 Pro Soon), 19inch Philips, LiteOn 48x12x48, DVD 16x, 40gig 7200rpm IBM, 2x 80mm fans, Creative Sound Blaster Live! Platinum, Creative DTT 2200 5.1, Mobo GA-VRXP, XP Pro.

6/11/02 7:52:52 PM

Fallout 1 (one of my all tim favourites)
Fallout 2 (one of my all tim favourites)
Commandoes 1
commandoes 2
Quake 1
quake 2
quake 3
Soldier of fortune 1
soldier of fortune 2
Command and conquer
command and conquer red alert
command and conquer Tiberian sun
Star wars Jedi knight ark forces
Star wars jedi knight 2
Star wars phantom menace
sidmeirs civilization 3 (fantastic)
sid meirs Alpha centauri same
Max Payne (Lost its appeal)
Roll cage (Gets Stupid)
RC revolt (cute)
NFS Porchse 2000 (one of my all time favourites)
Messiah (difficult)
Decent 3
Recoil (quite good a westwood game)
Shogo MAD(why they dont remake this!Funrobotech)
Kingpin (I liked before newer Game Engines)
MOHAA (one of my all time favourites)
Moto cross madneess (heaps of fun)
Operation Flash Point (best game ever, Undecided)
Theif 2 (good at start, Trial and error gaming)
MDK 2 (Lotsa Fun)
Deus Ex (best single player game ever, Maybe so)
Half life (a great game, kicked of great CS)
All Half life Expansion packs
Unreal (still looks fantastic)
Unreal tornement (better game play the Q3 IMHO)
Home World (great game)
Requim: Avenging angel (bit old nowdays)
Motor Cross Mania (fun for 5minutes)

Recent additons:
V8 Challenge (Fun Race Sim, Bathhurst track good)
GTA3 (Bloody Violent heaps of playabilty Fun)
War Craft 3 (great Cut scenes the best)
NFS Hot Pursuit2 (Mclaren F1 makes for lotsa fun)
HitMan 2 (better tha first and a good game)

Baldurs Gate 2 which i got from Cash converters for 12$ which i am yet to play.

Got about another 12 games that i dont play and will probably give away.

And just think i paid nearly $100 for some of those games, makes you think dosnt it.

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6/11/02 10:31:39 PM
almost 200 nowadays. most of them are OLD (i mean pentium 133 old). but i have all the really big ones (quake, UT, BG 1,2, DeusEx - best ever) if i tried to install all of them i probly could on my 120GB WD /w 8mg cache =) but i usually only have 4-5 installed at any one time (i dont play 50 games at once)


7/11/02 1:39:07 AM

I don't even want to start naming my games :) i'd say a thousand or so..

tho i recently did some uninstalltions of games on my computer so i now have like 10G installed of games

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7/11/02 6:31:22 AM

Ive named my games in other forums before, cant be stuffed now, now days the number is around the 90 mark, thats pc games, console games is another story. And yes these are all origionals iv bought, have a picture thats a few months old which contains all the boxed games i had at the time:


In my room theres an ever growing number of dvd covered games too, both a cross between budget and games that were released new in dvd covers.

Atm i only have about 30 installed, as ill need to go through and cift through all the ones i havent played in ages and cant be stuffed playing cos their taking up about 35gb of my 80gb hdd (well 76gb or usable space :D)....dont ask about whats filling up the remaining 41gb :P apart from windows and apps eheh.

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7/11/02 10:48:12 AM

My CD collection is all catalogued and indexed.

I have about 600 CD's, 700 disks and close on 10,000 titles.
(I have been collecting since 1983 - almost 20 years!)

The titles obviously includes mostly shareware and demo stuff as well as about 2,000 Amiga titles.

I usually only have 1 or 2 major games installed on my computer at a time. I play em, finish em, uninstall em and then move on to the next. My 6 gig hardrive has never been full. By unistalling a game before putting on a new one insures my drive is always trim and tidy, and I don't waste time or space installing games I will never play.

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7/11/02 4:04:12 PM

I've only got a 20g partition left for games, so I can't have all of mine installed at once. I haven't been alive for 20 years so I obviously can't have been collecting for long - only about 6-7 years.
I've really only got about 60-70 boxed and original games.

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7/11/02 8:27:37 PM

I used to have a stack of games like many above but got sick of piles of boxes everywhere so sold most of em,made a bit of cash and bought more games..hehe

Have about 6/7 games installed at any time.



7/11/02 9:02:25 PM

i prolly have 100 games that are good, plus the 20-odd 'why the fuck did i buy them' games. i guess i have about 20gig worth on my HDD, which is pretty much only the games i'd play at lans or that i really like but never play


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8/11/02 4:35:15 PM

to many to count

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8/11/02 4:45:47 PM

Err...LnL I got the same amount as you I think except u got NFS:HP2 now and I got Mobster 2...err but yea...may b still the same...

let see...u suck at UT2K3...yea thats it

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20/11/02 10:07:16 AM

200+ easy

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20/11/02 1:22:05 PM

162 last count


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