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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance - Sorian AI mod perfected
10/4/08 1:26:58 PM

Sorian, a tireless modder of the AI for SupCom, has finally sorted out some major AI bugs and released version 1.0 of his Sorian AI mod for SC:FA.

By all reports, it is stronger, smarter, and more stable than the GPGNet AI, especially against multiple AI on large maps.

For the last couple of months, players have been beset with crashing problems when playing against multiple AI on large maps. It was thought that it was simply due to players machines being unable to handle the memory required for such a task, but through months of testing and investigation, it has been discovered that the official GPG AI had some critical errors in the coding. A major milestone has been reached with AI modding for FA.


Sorian AI Pack 1.0
extract the .scd file to your SC:FA /gamedata folder

Information on the mod:

For the AI to work, one needs to first install the AI Support Mod

The AI pack includes:
Sorian: Kind of like the Balanced AI in SC. Good for 20x20+ maps (and sometimes 10x10)

Sorian Rush: Just like it sounds, a rush AI. Good for small maps like 5x5 or 10x10.

Sorian Air: Like the regular Sorian AI except that it focuses a lot more on Air.

Sorian Water: Like the regular Sorian AI except that it does not build Land at all; focuses on Air and Water.

Sorian Adaptive: Picks one of the Sorian AIs based on the map and allows it to choose expansion bases based on several factors.

AI = Regular AI
AIx = Cheating AI

Also, DuncanE has been modifying the standard GPG AI's, fixing up a wide range of reported problems, and has released an Air/Land/Naval patch. This mod also required Sorian's AI Support Mod.

Direct Download link here:

Mod info here:

...this release is really just about fixing the few minor (and major) problems that annoy me about the stock FA AI's. Hopefully you will find the changes mean that you can use them in your games.

Also the stock Rush AI in FA includes a number of sub AI's. These are an Air rush, Land rush and a Naval rush AIs. This mod breaks these sub AI's out into their own selectable AI's and AIx variants. These focus on major air, land and navy forces respectively.

Naval AI mod.

According to many reports, Naval warfare in SC:FA is kinda broken, so modder whylikethis has released a beta version of his Takanami Naval AI mod. It focuses primarily on Naval forces, in that it fixes existing bugs with the standard GPG versions, and adds more functionality to them. Needs Sorian's AI Support Mod installed, to work.

Direct Download here:

Mod info here:

Are you alive? Prove it...

10/4/08 1:33:47 PM


Facimus et Frangimus


10/4/08 1:59:10 PM


We need a decent SupCom Mod thread.

Alas I don't know enough about them all.


10/4/08 5:44:35 PM

I can oblige you on that one Maxx...

Are you alive? Prove it...

10/4/08 6:15:09 PM

Is the modding scene for SC as large as it was for TA?

I used to make units and the like for TA when I was 13-14. Wonder if I should get back into it.

I love Isa. She rawkz my cawkz. =o)

10/4/08 6:19:59 PM

Yes, the modders are very active and some great ones have been made for the game. It might not be wrong to say that the modders are basically keeping this game alive...

Are you alive? Prove it...

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