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Wiring diagram for Logitech Wingman Formula GP
9/4/05 1:16:29 PM

Hi, a few months ago I broke the cable that connects from the wheel to the pedals, theres 3 wires, green, red and white, i got a spare RJ11 connector but i need to know the order of the 3 wires so i can crimple it back together...

If anyone can help its much appreciated, its the yellow wheel without force feedback and Logitech Australia is ignoring me...

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10/4/05 5:14:22 PM

I've got the "Wingman Formula Force GP" version. The connector that goes from the pedals to the steering wheel on mine has 4 wires.

Holding it as though your about to plug it in but with the pins on the connector facing upwards going left to right the colours are:
yellow, green, red, white.

Hope that makes sense. PM me if you need a photo!

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10/4/05 6:30:02 PM

I've got the Wingman Formula GP (non Force Feedback) and there are 4 wires, and it's the same order as what mark84 said.

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