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Samsung Printer ML-2510 problem
the pope 
7/3/07 11:27:50 PM
Hi guys,
I just got a Samsung ML-2510 laser printer, I've installed it but I can't print anything. The samsung 'smart panel' in my system tray give an error: "The current printer port is not supported for the printer status" I tryed all the different ports under Printers and faxes >Samsung ML-2510 Series > properties, but they didnt fix it.
The print queue just says 'error - printing' I've tryed reinstalling the printer with latest drives from the net. - same problem. The only thing I can print is a test page by pressing the test page print button on the actual printer.

I'm usiong a usb cable from my external hdd to plug the printer into my pc, that shouldnt be any probs, ive also tryed another from my external sound card.- same cables but no joy.

Please help!


the pope 
8/3/07 12:19:46 PM
Ive allowed windows to search for drivers and it installes xeroxphaser 3124, now I can print documents using either xerox phaser 3124 or Samsung ML-2510 Series. Yay! but there is still some sort of configuration error somewhere because the 'smart panel' says ' usb printer status not available' and samsung's 'Dr printer' program gives some error when it tryes to check the printer.

Oh well, I can print! yay!

Im using xp pro btw


9/3/07 1:24:40 AM

Disconnect the printer. Re-install the drivers. Reboot.

Wait a minute or so after getting a desktop, then hook the printer up. If it doesn't detect immediately, try another USB port . You might have a bad port.

What you also might do is hold down the printer's "print" button for about 10 seconds. This will clean the print drum. Then, hold it down for about 4 seconds -- this will give you a status printout. Make sure everything is correct on the status page, especially the onboard memory.

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