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Utorrent - Can you export and import download lists?
5/4/08 11:42:05 AM

Basically just the topic. Can I export my list of files on one computer email them to another and then import them to that PC?

That would be exactly what I am after.

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5/4/08 12:00:25 PM

Well, the torrent files should all be stored in %appdata%/uTorrent, so you could just copy them across, then add them to the other PC that way. It will possibly have additional torrent files if you don't delete them when you remove items from uTorrent.

Obviously you would have to copy the downloaded files as well, or point the torrent to a network location when you re-add them.


5/4/08 12:42:12 PM

and its worth mentioning that if you copy across the torrents and the incomplete files it will recheck the torrent and continue downloading from where you were.


5/5/08 7:32:26 AM

I tend to set utorrent up to specify a location to copy torrents in process to, then to move them to another folder when they are done.

Anything goes wrong i just tell it to load the folder.

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