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Where to buy Perspex (acrylic) and Aluminium Sheets/ bars in South Australia
8/7/07 12:20:14 AM
I have got all my layouts for my first case but i don't no where to buy the perspex and Acrylics from. I have looked in the yellow pages and other databases but still have had little luck. i am interested in 2cm thick perspec sheet, Aluminium sheets (note sure on thickness) and aluminium rods. Please can you give me the name of places in South Australia or Store chains that sell these

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8/7/07 2:06:03 AM
You can't find plastics/metal in south aus, try these. Look up plastics/plastic fabricators in the yellow pages and you shouldn't have any problem finding a company that will sell you acrylic/perpex/carbonate. As for aluminium look up aluminium w'salers and mfrs or aluminium fabricators.

Aluminium Manufacturing Chains:

I did a quick search of greater adelaide and it returned plenty of companies.


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10/7/07 10:36:14 PM
hey, thanks man


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