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Settiing Up A Router With Bigpond
27/4/07 12:02:53 PM

I have been asked to set up a wireless router for my girlfriends family. A task that I have done a multitude of times.

Problem being I have never set one up on Bigpond Cable.
What do I need to set up with the log on client and the router?


27/4/07 1:14:24 PM

I too am interested, I'm getting Bigpond tomorrow and I'll be wanting to set up the wireless router on sunday.

I'm getting this router:


cheap, but apparently pretty good value.

in the specs:

* Shares data and Internet access for users, supporting PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, L2TP, BigPond Cable Internet access

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27/4/07 5:41:15 PM

It's pretty simple, just like any other router but instead of choosing Dynamic or PPPoE you chose the "Bigpond Cable" option.

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27/4/07 7:00:20 PM

Step 1:
Disconnect from the telstra client if it is running
Step 2:
Uninstall the telstra client from the computer if you have it
Step 3:
Double check that the telstra client is not there.
Step 4:
Unplug modem from computer
Step 5:
Plug modem into router
Step 6:
Plug router into computer
Step 7:
Plug power into router
Step 8:
Follow instructions that came with router to log into the router setting page
Step 9:
If you have a NEW Bigpond account (IE one that does not need a username and password for login: Setup the router for dynamic IP, dynamic DNS, no logins.
If you have an OLDER Bigpond account (Ie one that does have a username and password): Select to do a login, with Bigpond (might say BPA, Telstra, Bigpond or similar)and put in your username and password. If it asks you for an auth server, sm-server,login-server or dce-server should work.

Step 10:
Apply the setttings and try browsing.

If this does not work, and you have a username and password, refer to steps 1-3 and then power cycle the modem and the router. Also check the username and pass that was typed in. If it still does not work, remove power from the modem for about 30 mins. (No, just putting the modem in standby does not work, you need to remove power.)

If you have no username and pass (Ie an account on the new billing system) then power cycle the modem and router.


With putting the username and pass into the router, I am assuming that the router supports telstra logins. If not, then you need the client on a computer and to port forward port 5050 (UDP) to the computer running the client. Also, manually set the port in the telstra login client to 5050 instead of 0, otherwise you will likely get connection drops every 7 or so minutes.

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Out of my mind. Be back in 10 minutes.


28/4/07 11:17:47 PM

whoa man!

I'm obviously on the new system, I just plugged in my router and the connection was instantaneous.

I changed the IP address to suit my network, and turned off the WLAN radio for now.

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Maybe it is possesed ?

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