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How to spend over $100 at the movies (popcorn not included)
1/1/07 12:19:30 PM

Dendy recently opened a new cinema in Canberra which includes two Premium Lounges. Julia and I had been given some money for christmas so we decided to check it out. They are running an opening special at the moment and the tickets cost $26 each, normally $35. When we bought out tickets we also got to select which seats we wanted.

When you first enter the Premium Lounge you walk into an area setup with a few tables and a bar. Someone greets you as you walk in and explains what is available. The bar and cinema are licensed and serve beer, wine and spirits. At the bar you can order your food and drinks, including candy bar items, to be brought to your seat in the cinema. When you order you can also specify a time for the food and drinks to be brought in. So we ordered a beer and a Coke to take into the cinema, the same again with an antipasto plate to be brought in in an hours time and half an hour after that followed it with a chocolate mousse and a cheesecake. The food wasn't cheap but given the situation I wouldn't say it was overpriced. The food and drinks cost $52 in total.

The cinema is setup with 20 pairs of luxury recliners with walkways between each pair. Above the armrest between the recliners is a small bench for your drinks etc. When we booked the tickets we were told that there would be a call button at our seats if we wanted anything. All we found though was a small hole in the top of the bench. We guessed the call buttons hadn't been put in yet as there were a couple of other small, obviously unfinished bits that we noticed.

All in all we had a great time and would do it again given a chance.

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1/1/07 12:21:54 PM

Yeah.... I only go Directors Lounge and/or Gold Class now if I go to the movies.

The regular 'flicks' just don't do it for me ;). I've been spoilt.

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1/1/07 12:22:14 PM

Now that sounds like a cinema dude. Watching a film and having drinks and eats bought to you, and no washing up afterwards.

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1/1/07 12:24:27 PM

Sounds pretty cool! I take it when you ordered food, you need to tell them what seat your in?

I can beat the 'spend over $100 at the movies' tho.. Sister is in newcastle at the moment, down from canberra. Went to the movies yesterday, and drove into a concrete pylon, estimated $1500 damage and no way to get back to canberra (looks like ill be driving her..)

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Im not a complete idiot...Im missing some of the pieces

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Mac Dude 
1/1/07 12:25:03 PM


yep, there are 'gold class', "La Premiere', etc versions all over the place. And they can be a very civilised way to see the flicks...

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1/1/07 12:29:54 PM

Phwoar... I saw they were opening... I'll definatly have the check that out !

(And considering candy bar and ticket prices these days in general... $100 isn't what I'd call "over the top" for 2 poeple to enjoy a film in luxury)


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1/1/07 12:51:46 PM
we only got la premier here in wa and gold class i think, but they include unlimited free popcorn and drinks

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1/1/07 1:00:34 PM

I've been once, but it seemed a bit weird to me. It was really comfortable nice seats, all with a good view etc. Although I went with some friends and it wasn't applicable, it seemed odd to me that the table basically separated couples so much, so should you be there with your GF, it wouldn't be that romantic.

In the dark, trying to eat antipasto etc, just didn't see worth the effort. I found the service good, but the somewhat distracting to the movie viewing experience. In general for the convenience of food during a movie (time isn't that short these days that you can't appreciate a nice meal before/after a movie) it didn't seem worthwhile - if I went again I'd probably go for some food that was more snacky and non distracting, defeating the purpose of a swanky setup - at which point i might as well be watching a movie at home.

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1/1/07 1:27:55 PM

Damn. I gotta try that.

Jimb0 says: u eat Shun Goku noodles!! :P

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1/1/07 1:42:35 PM

Home Cinema never looked better

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1/1/07 1:54:18 PM

la premier suck gold class are 100 time better IMO.
la premier seem to be just comfier seats with alcahol where gold class have motorized recliners nice food ,alcahol and better service.
I usually order the cheese platter and wine to start and tirramisu with coffee towards the end.It also great for impressing wemon for a second casual date.

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1/1/07 2:43:49 PM

I still don't see the point. I've been to a couple of work functions at them and all I end up doing is sleeping.

Mind you, it seems to be the same about people who can't go to the movies by themselves. To me, going to the movies is to see the movie, not talk to people or have dinner, etc.

Glad you liked it though.

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1/1/07 2:46:30 PM

Wish there is a LAN place like that lol...

hmmm, maybe the next Met, Atomic can spend more of its petty cash and give us all a treat?

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1/1/07 2:56:46 PM

Minikeg: Yeah, you tell them what seat you are in and it's brought to that seat number. They request that you don't leave your seat or move to a different seat so they don't have to call out in the cinema who ordered this.

Mac Dude: I had a look at the La Premiere page on the Hoyts website. Just going on what's there and the picture of the cinema, I'll stick with Dendy's Premium Lounge. That and we don't have a La Premier in Canberra. :)

stadl: Attempting to eat antipasto in the dark was a bit of a drawback. "I wonder what this is. Ah! Eggplant." Wouldn't really have been a problem if we had chosen something different.

Some will come to defend us.

Most will come to destroy us.

MSGT Bilko 
1/1/07 2:57:34 PM

I have been many a Time to the Hoyts La Premier in Perth. It is awsome. The fact that you can drink (alcamol) and Eat in the cinema is great.

Also gotta Love the fact that your not rubbing against some strange person on Full Movies!!!!!!!

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HSV Guy 
1/1/07 4:38:11 PM

Quote by Mac Dude
yep, there are 'gold class', "La Premiere', etc versions all over the place. And they can be a very civilised way to see the flicks...

Unless of course when they are bringing your food and drinks they trip over a step and it all comes crashing down beside you. Thankfully not on you though. That's what happened the time I went with my fiance to gold class.

When final fantasy come out at the movies the only people in the whole cinema were myself and 2 friends which was also pretty cool.


1/1/07 8:07:50 PM

Quote by HSV Guy
When final fantasy come out at the movies the only people in the whole cinema were myself and 2 friends which was also pretty cool.

'nuff said


1/1/07 8:21:52 PM

Man I havent been to the movies in ages. When I used to live in Lidcombe I used to go to the movies every other week. Last time I went to the movies was well over six months ago.

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1/1/07 8:36:22 PM

big waste of money if you ask me.

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1/1/07 9:02:48 PM

We have a similar set up here and we have had a lot of fun going to see a movie we have waited for ages on a big screen.

Id have to say one of the best times ive had with my recently deceased best mates was going to hahns cafe - having lunch with booze then proceeding to get shitfaced in the cinema via La Premiere whilst watching Sin City.

Definetly wasnt a waste of money :D

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